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Board Management

Board Management

Setting List Type Board
Date Created

★ This is a description for each setting of list type board. 
Settings can be modified and changed anytime needed.  

[General Settings]

① Board Name: Enter the board title
② Board Description: If you enter the description of the board use agreement, it will be exposed at the top of the bard based according to the skin you use. 
③ Board Type: You can select and change among four types of boards: list type, gallery type, inquiry type, and webzine type
④ Number of Posts: You can set the number of list exposed on one page.
⑤ Sort: Sort: You can sort posts by date created, reverse date created, views, and upvotes orders.
(TIP) Board name and board description may or may not be exposed according to the skin

[Advanced Settings]

① Upvotes/Downvotes Feature: Visitors can upvote/downvote of the post. 
② Private Post Feature: Set whether to use private post feature
③ Reply Feature: Reply to the post
④ Comments Feature: Comment on the post 
⑤ SNS Sharing Feature: Posts can be shared via KakaoTalk, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
⑥ Category Feature: You can choose the category when writing a post
⑦ Captcah: Needs to input Captcha when writing a post
⑧ Privacy Policy Agreement: Needs to agree to the privacy policy when writing a post
⑨ Notification Settings: Notifications will be sent out to administrator and writer when writing a post
⑩ View Original Image: You can check the original image by clicking the image in the post
⑪ Banned Words: The banned words cannot be used when writing
⑫ IP address blacklist: Blocks access to the board by IP.

[Fields Settings]

① Write: Set the item when writing a post
② Display Name: You can edit the item name to be displayed on the site
③ Mandatory: The required items must be filled in
④ Display: It will be displayed when writing but not required item
⑤ Edit Fields: You can create additional fields besides the default fields
⑥ Display Read&List: set the item list to be displayed in the board list and read page
⑦ Read: Set the items to be displayed of the post detail page
⑧ List: Set the items to be displayed of the post list page.

[Capabilities Settings]

① View List: Set the access authority of the post list. If accessing to list is not possible, viewing is also not possible
② View Posts: Set the authority of viewing posts
③ Write Posts: Set the authority of writing posts
④ View Comments: Set the authority of viewing comments on posts
⑤ Write Comments: Set the authority of writing comments on posts
⑥ Write Replies: Set the authority of writing replies on posts
⑦ Download Files: Set the authority of downloading attached files on posts
⑧ Manage Boards: Set the capabilities to delete, move, and edit the board in the site

- Anyone: The authorities are granted to all website visitors without conditions
- Signed-in users: The authorities are granted only to a visitor who signed in as a member
- Selective Level User: Allows only those who are in the set level out of the website visitors
- Selective Group User: Allows only those who are in the set group out of the website visitors

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