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Improving Site Structure
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STEP01. Improving Page URL Structure


1. What is improving page URL structure?

Making the website *URL simple as possible helps visitors and search engines.

URL is shown in search results, so it is good to set with the words that represent your contents.

2. Recommendations for URL structure

Use words that represent the content and structure of the website

If the URL of the page is changed, set *301 redirect


3. Setting URL Structure 

[URL Setting]

In [Design mode] – [Page], enter the description of SEO/SNS Sharing for each page(menu)


[301 Redirect Setting]

Click [Manage Mode] – [Preferences] – [Site Management] – [Settings for SEO/SNS Sharing] – [Add New Redirect]

Set the previous URL and target page to connect, and click [Save]

(TIP) To make 301 redirect work out, you should connect to a single domain.


STEP02. Easy Moving on the Website


1. What is easy moving on the website?

It is very important for visitors and search engines to move on the website

Prepare two types of ‘Sitemaps for visitors and search engines.


2. Recommendations for easy moving on the website

Easy menu structure that visitors can easily navigate

Use text link for the moving routes

Expose the sitemap menu on the website and use *SML sitemap file.

Use *404page


3. Exposing the sitemap menu on the website and setting SML sitemap


[Exposing the sitemap menu on the website]

Click [Design mode] – [Page] – [Default page] – [Sitemap]

Set the skin and layout, and click [Save]

Click [Design mode] – [Edit], and drag [header menu]

Click [Settings]

Click [Menu Settings] and [Sitemap]

Click [Complete]

Go to the website and click [Sitemap]

You can grasp the entire menu structure of the website through the sitemap


[SML sitemap file settings]

Click [Manage mode] – [Preferences] – [Site management] – [Settings for SEO/SNS Sharing] and click [Build Sitemap]

Check that the sitemap is successfully created and click [Save]

Copy [Sitemap URL] and submit the sitemap to Google through Google webmaster tools.

(TIP) It is good to submit a sitemap whenever there are any changes on the website.


How to submit a sitemap to Google

Go to Google Webmaster Tools

(TIP) you need a Google account to use the webmaster tools.

If you don’t have, create one.

Select the website registered in Google webmaster tools

(TIP) if you don’t have a website, add and verify your website

Select [Crawl] – [Sitemaps] on the left menu.

Click [Add/Text SITEMAP]

Enter [sitemap.xml]

(TIP) Do not enter additional text. For example, do not enter a page name.

Click [Submit Sitemap]



* URL: It means website address.

* 301 Redirect: It means that the page has migrated permanently to a new location

(Eg, if you have migrated your existing website to Dubuplus, search engines will automatically redirect visitors to the new website using 301 redirects)

* XML Sitemap: This is a list of pages on the website.

If you create a sitemap and submit it to Google, you can inform Google about all the pages on your website and URLs that are not found during Google’s normal crawling process.

* 404 page: This is a page showing that the page requested by users does not exist on the server. 

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