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Setting ssl
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*SSL is a secruity solution that protects the contents in the information from being hacked by encrypting the information between browser and server. 

Basically for Dubuplus, SSL is automatically applied to subdomains and a single domain is available for free if you apply [Default certificate]. 

The default SSL certificate provided free of charge is vulnerable to security and compensation, so we would recommend using a paid certificate for more secure personal information management. 

Click [Manage mode] - [Preferences] - [Site management] - [SSL settings]

After confirming the domian, click [Create].

If you click on [Create] button, you can select a default certificate or a paid certificate. 

The [Default certificate] is a free certificate provided by Dubuplus. If you want to upgrade security, select [Paid certificate] and upload the files (private key, certificate, chain certificate) from the issued certificate. 

How to use Default Certificate >

* [Default certificate] can be immediately used if it is set as Dubuplus name server.  

* If you purchased /set up a domain through Dubuplus, you can immediately apply the [Default certificate] since [Domain], [www.domain], [m.domain] are already connected to Dubuplus name server.  

How to use Paid Certificate >

* If you want to connect a paid certificate, click [Paid certificate] to upload the certificate-related files. 

When you  [Paid certificate], you need to issue it from a certificate authority that issues a SSL security certificate, and the paid certificate in the manual is COMODO Wildcard. 

Manual > How to use COMODO WILDCARD
COMODO website >

* If you issue/apply a paid certificate, please check whether the certificate are acceptable for the domain. 

For example, If you are using [domain] and [m.domain], you need to issue/ apply a certificate that are acceptable for these two domains. 

You can see the applied certificate in [Certificate History Management].

** A default certificate is valid for two months and will be automatically renewed every two months. And a paid certificate must be renewed before its expiration date, so please check the expiration date in [Certificate History Management].**

You can check a certificate status, Failed/Applying/Applied, by domain, and you can change or delete it. 

* Applying SSL could take up to an hour and the status will be "Applying".

In the Applying SSL section, you can see the connected domains and check their status applied to the certificates.
   - Change: Click on Change button to change the certificate in the applied domain. 

   - Delete: Click on Delete button to delete the certificate from the applied domai. 

* If the certificate is successfully registered, a small padlock will appear in the site address bar, and the connection address will be changed from http:// to https://.  

TIP: To use SSL, you need to set up a main domain first. 

To set up a representative domain, please go to [Manage mode] - [Preferences] - [Site management] - [Domain settings].

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